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about the sermon recaps team

The sermon recaps team is a group of creatives, led by motion graphics designer, Phil Lashley.


previous work experience

  • Hollywood post production industry experience.
  • 5 years leading motion design for one of the nation’s largest multi site and fasting growing churches.
  • Helped technology teams craft motion design for their app user experiences.
  • Worked with best selling authors elevating their social media book promotions infused in motion design.


We have a passion for making content-rich messages look cool for social media sharing.

In this case, we have chosen to focus on the most important and our favorite message of all…the gospel. We’ve personally experienced the powerful transformation of Christ and we believe that His message should go beyond the four walls of the church to permeate the hearts and minds of people who will likely never step foot into a church building.


we believe...

Simply put, we believe the message should go beyond the weekend.

We believe that God’s word given to pastors and teachers alike, should leap from the pulpit into the relevant spaces, and in a time like this, that space is social media.
So we’ve set out on a mission to help church leaders plant themselves there, while helping them enhance their message by crafting cool animations to grab a viewer’s attention so that they can connect with the word of God.


That’s how the vision of sermon recaps was born. Having worked on and with multiple church teams, we recognized the frustrations that pastors and teams had to face.
Church teams, both big and small, generally struggle to keep up with or create recaps of the last sermon. Whether it's a case of NOT having the right artist to wrangle videos, edit videos, add subtitles and create graphics… OR just simply lack of time, sermon recaps became that project that was always needed by lead pastors, but never delivered.


Our team is honored to partner with yours to ensure that the greatest story ever told goes out into all the nations. Let us help you animate your sermon recaps for social media and connect more people with the gospel.

Ready to share your sermon beyond the weekend?